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Templar Food Products manufacturing superior private label iced teas for nearly 50 years.

Templar's tea beverages establish industry standards... delivering success. Templar develops innovative teas and long standing relationships built on trust, consistency, and integrity with our customers.

Templar Food Products has been making tea, and only tea, for nearly 50 years. Whether your tea sales are already prosperous or you are taking the first steps to developing tea products, Trust the Tea Experts : Templar's experience and commitment to quality make us the right choice for your perfect tea.

April 17, 2017: Jungpana’s Island in the Sky

Tea leaves before they become Templar Iced Tea

One tea-truth that resides within the tea world (despite hype and hyperbole) refers to the irrefutable aspect of providence and raw materials. If you have great raw material. A second vital truth is linked to the first…that a great tea needs competent and caring hands (and the inevitable stages) to manage its journey to the cup. It is at this point that a tea becomes a classic. (read more..)


Tea Phd. Antioxidants in tea

The North American Tea Championship

The North American Tea Championship is an independent competition, judged by professional cuppers and retail buyers, and distinguishes the highest quality and best tasting teas commercially available in the North American marketplace.

Templar Food Products is a multiple year winner in the Ice Tea Class competition. Hibiscus Mint Tea and Blood Orange Honeybush Tea are just two of our delicious winning teas.

RainForest Alliance Certified Teas

RainForest Alliance Certified™ Teas

Templar Food Products offers Rainforest Alliance Certified™ teas---both black and green instant. Samples and specification sheets are available upon request. Call (908) 665-9511 for a sample! The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is a symbol that indicates sustainable agricultural practices that safeguard the well-being of workers, conserve natural resources and protect wildlife and the environment.

For more information on the Rainforest Alliance, please visit


Tea Culture

Templar searches the world over to find the most interesting and latest American tea hit... teas that the US market has not heard of yet. Teas that will appear in a bottle on a US shelf soon.

To assist in this effort Templar has partnered with Jeff Fuchs, a Tea Ambassador, explorer, and author of 'The Ancient Tea Horse Road'. Fuchs is enroute to remote areas of the world looking for new tea. Check back frequently to read stories and view video diaries from every leg of his journey.

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