About Templar

Tea fields for Templar Food Products. Private label Tea

Templar Food Products believes deeply in doing one thing and doing it right. At Templar, we do tea and only tea. We produce superior tea because we are tea experts who have been dedicated since 1971 to offering the finest tea products on earth.

We create, formulate and manufacture private label iced tea beverages for a spectrum of clients who return to us year after year confident Templar Food Products will exceed their expectations in both product and service.

Templar Food Products maintains relationships with tea producing nations worldwide. This allows us to source the finest teas sun, water and soil can produce. Tea Essences and pure teas are the foundation to which we add rigorous quality and microbiological control and innovative flavor creation. From formulation to execution, our experience and expertise result in a tea product befitting your dedication and inspiration.

Tea, as you know, has been a tasty, refreshing and healthy beverage enjoyed the world over for thousands of years. Today, thanks to the genius of our clients, demand for teas of every flavor in the palette is continually on the rise.

Call, email or let's set up a time to share some tea and discuss your needs.

We know one thing - Tea. We're Templar Food Products, The Tea Experts.