Custom Formulation

Templar private label Iced Tea manufacturer

Templar Food Products has been manufacturing & formulating superior private label iced tea beverages for nearly half a century. We'll customize the formulation to fit your needs, working with you to develop new products or improve exsisting ones.

Our Tea "Kits" require the simple addition of water and sweetener. Our proprietary formulas contain high quality ingredients - most are naturally derived with no preservatives. Rigorous quality and microbiological control, innovative formulation, personalized service, and decades of experience enable us to produce the premium iced teas that our repuation demands.

Templar also supplies liquid tea concentrates, tea extracts, flavors and essences. Organic and Rainforest alliance teas are also available.

Our product line includes: sweetened, unsweetened, diet, plain, flavored, herbal and caffeine free teas. Let Templar take the guess work out of product formulation! Call today (908) 665-9511