Tea Ph.D

A single tea leaf contains at least 560 natural components. Templar Food Products has extracted the magic of tea to bring you individual health benefits from every leaf.

Backed by the power of science Templar Food Products is proud to offer Tea Ph.D. Add the natural powers of tea to any drink:


Functional Tea Ingredients Sold Individually by the Case


Potential Benefits: Oral health, Lower cholesterol, Lower blood sugar


Potential Benefits: Stress relief, Anxiety relief


Potential Benefits: Lower blood pressure, Anti-aging powers, Boost energy levels


Potential Benefits: Cancer prevention, Coronary heart disease prevention, Anti-inflammatory


Potential Benefits: Fight cancer, Strengthen brain functions, Weight loss

Caffeine from Tea

Potential Benefits: Increase awareness and attention

Tea Ph.D is helping make healthy tea even better

For more information about Tea Ph.D and to receive a sample of our tea, please contact us.

Tea leaves before they become Templar Iced Tea periodic table