Templar Teas: The Tea Commandments

  1. Thou shall not call it brewed; tea is steeped.

  2. Thou shall select water with care. Avoid hard water or even a hint of chlorine.

  3. Thou shall respect tea; it is all-natural.

  4. Thou shall understand the three different types of tea: Green, Oolong, and Black.

  5. Thou shall sanitize equipment before each run.

  6. Thou shall use Tea Essence as a flavor supplement to help avoid the formation of unsightly sediment in the container.

  7. Thou shall read the Templar Tea Newsfeed.

  8. Thou shall be guilt free; tea is healthful.

  9. Thou shall know how to spell Polyphenol.

  10. Thou shall drink tea often.


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